Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Prophecy & Sign of Jonah - Recut

Jonah was a prophet of the old testament and is most famous for being swallowed by a fish. In the Book of Jonah, God reveals to him the wickedness of a neighboring gentile city called Nineveh. Jonah in his prejudice and disobedience decides to setout the exact opposite direction of Nineveh. Scholars believe that Jonah was prejudice because of the context in which he lived in. During this time, many Jews did not have any association or dealings with Gentiles. They often would have only known of the sinful and pagan nature of their neighboring cities and they avoided them with contempt.

Now In Jesus time, during one of the confrontations with the Pharisees, they ask Jesus to perform a miracle or sign to prove He is the son of God. Jesus does something strange and replies them and refers to the story of Jonah. This is referred to as the Prophecy and Sign of Jonah. I will touch on this scripture later, as it becomes relevant to the prophecy.

As the account of Jonah goes, Jonah flees from the Lord by ship to a place called Tarshish which is in the opposite direction. Jonah asleep on the boat is awakened by the captain of the ship who tells him to pray to his God to see if the storms will cease. The sailors cast lots to see who is responsible for the treacherous storm and it falls on Jonah which leads to the sailors throwing him overboard. Following this Jonah is swallowed by a large fish or whale and this is where the story changes. The conventional perspective from this point onward is that Jonah lives inside the fish for 3 days and 3 nights however details from the original text and King James Version indicate that Jonah died before he was spit out by the fish. Some of the other translations have been changed and do not reflect the same details as the original texts.
Jonah inevitably drowns and as a result God sends a large fish or whale to swallow him whole in order to preserve his body for 3 days and 3 nights. Jonahs soul departs from his body and he is swept deep into the earth under the mountains and in the water which is where the bible refers to the chambers of hell being located.

Location of the Chambers:
Under the earth: Numbers 16:30
Under the mountains Jonah 2:6
Under the waters Job 26:5


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