Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pravuil - The Archangel - Quick in Wisdom

One of the mighty Abrahamic archangels is known as Pravuil. This angel is probably one of the very least known of the noncanonical archangels, however the Second Book of Enoch states that he has quite an important set of spiritual duties that he is in charge of. In Enoch is says that out of all the holy Biblical archangels, Pravuil is the quickest in wisdom. It goes on to state that the archangel is also in charge of writing down and cataloging all of the deeds of God himself. For example the Lord commanded Pravuil to gather books of quick writing for Enoch, a clear reference to him working as a scribe. Pravuil is then commanded to tell Enoch to write out all of the souls of mankind, regardless of how many there are. There is also mention within the Holy Bible of Pravuil carrying out some of these celestial cataloguing duties on behalf of the Holy Spirit of God, and thus Pravuil is very often linked to the entity.

Angelic veneration, worship, prayer and channeling is prohibited. All of the above are reserved alone for and with God. God reveals primarily through his Holy Spirit not through his angels.  Many have been deceived by demonic and evil spirits appearing as angels of light, bearing false messages of new age religions and philosophies. If God wants to tell you something He will do so by His Spirit not through his angels.

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  1. Okay, first of all, god has always and "still" worked in mysterious ways and always has been ever since he created all thing's of creation. I don't know where you have heard of this false doctrine. But The Holy Spirit and angels are still being called upon TODAY in this modern world. There has been no sign or of evidence of demons showing or coming in the form of or in disguise of angels. For many years, "I've have red the bible" "that in every scripture" even until Jesus was born. No demon has ever disguised themselves as archangels or angels period. I' am a Baptist and my closest friend from childhood is a catholic and we both and all has still sever the same god, no difference at all. And we still pray and call on the holy spirit and are angels. So please, you can start now and put an end to your lies and deceitfulness and false doctrine.

    ~Have a bless one my friend, and God bless you~