Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Giant Nephilim - David and Jesus

The topic of Nephilim or Giants in the bible are fascinating. When I first of the concept of Angelic beaings mating with man I thought that was ridiculous. As I began to read into it further and find the scripture verses I was amazed at how much information was available. It appears to me that from the beginning of time the fallen angelic beings, apart from those cast out of heaven originally were subject to temptation. Much like man none of them could add up which was why God sent Jesus who came to show us how its done. In the old testament therein lies where alot of people take a step back from religion or Christianity. How could a God be so cruel and wipe out other neighbouring villages and populations. However reading the old testament again it became to apparent to me how the these neighbouring tribes and people were Nephilim. Much of the old testament was a physical war against the seed of the serpent, the bloodline of Satan and the antichrist. The fallen angels and Nephilim were part of a plan to corrupt mankind, they spread rapidly in the ancient world and eventually succeeded. In Genesis it explains how Noah and his family were the only ones left that were in covenant with God. However even after the global flood the giant nephilim continued to roam, it is possible that the fallen angels descended again at some point afterward to mate and corrupt mankind again. Generations later it was now a sheppard boy who was chosen to do God's work, David was chosen to wipe out the dwindling nephilim population, starting with a Giant named Goliath. after slaying the giant, Davids mighty warriors killed the brothers and remainder of the nephilim. It is believed that David would later bring the head of Goliath to Golgatha and bury it in the ground along with the bones of Adam. It was not until later on when Jesus was nailed to the cross that it would bring fulfillment to the verse in Genesis which says "And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel." Genesis 3:15 Rabbinical teaching passed down says that on the cross blood dripped from the heel of Jesus and somewhere in the ground dripped onto the head of Goliath. The hill Golgatha is actually derived from Goliath, the hill of the skull, it is believed to be called that by a few reasons. One possible reason is that in ancient times the side of the hill had a facial imporint of a skull and secondly it was the burial place of the skull of Adam and Goliath. As David destroyed the seed of the serpant in the natural physical realm, much of the new testament is a battle of the spiritual realm, where Jesus takes care of the spiritual. Since the nephilim were both physical and spiritual beings like ourselves they had no place to go after physical death, so it is possible their spirits wander the earth as demonic spirits.

Various finds throughout the world

Maximinus Thrax Ceaser of Rome 235-238 A.D. 8' 6" skeleton remains

15-foot human skeleton found in southeast Turkey in late 1950's in the Euphrates valley during road construction. Many tombs containing giants were uncovered here. This pertains to the picture of the giant human femur and myself above.

A 19'6" human skeleton found in 1577 A.D. under an overturned oak tree in the Canton of Lucerne.G. 23-foot tall skeleton found in 1456 A.D. beside a river in Valence, France.H. A 25' 6 " skeleton found in 1613 A.D. near the castle of Chaumont in France. This was claimed to be a nearly complete find.

"There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." Genesis 6:4


  1. i seen nephilims in san franciso ca, one of them had his leggs cut off. they are huge strong massave they are keept hidden from the publick. unless you seen them and acepted them and dident freak out they will let you see them every one in a while.their a group of people that tend to their every need .


  3. Just watched a show called The Woman With Giant Legs on tv. I instantly thought of the Nephilim, the fallen ones of the Bible. Medical science can't even explain this oddity. Sure makes me wonder if the race is not beginning to show itself again at this late date in Bible prophecy.

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